Nancy, Carina, & Nico

Nancy, Carina, and Nico lived in a little log cabin up in the mountains they loved. Nancy is an elementary school teacher at Cabrillo and has been for the past 25 years. She is raising her two talented children on her own and took in her sister, Robin, as well when she needed help. The family loved their mountain home, their neighbors, their animals, and cultivating a quiet, calm, and peaceful life. All this was devastated by the fire that raged their little canyon with no warning from firefighters or sheriffs. This proud and humble family lost all their memories and security as they are woefully underinsured and may not be able to continue to be part of the community they love so much. Help them rebuild and continue to be a vital part of the community as they were and wish to be again.

Nancy, Carina, & Nico’s Amazon Wish List

Nancy is an elementary school teacher at Cabrillo, so instead of a personal GoFundMe she’s requested donations for the teachers fund. At last count, more than 11 SMMCTA members (along with numerous students and staff of Malibu Schools) have lost their homes in the Woolsey Fire.