I have lived in a Malibu for over 50 years I've been through floods fires and mudslides. This has been by far the worst disaster we have had since I lived here. My home burnt down to the ground along with my life long possessions that I have saved in so many disasters in the past . I am devastated by the response that Malibu did not receive in the state of crisis this time. it is unfortunate for many of us that have to endure this. Unfortunately I did a not pack my belongings because I really thought that we would be saved to an extent. My response to the evacuation was to pack a few things clean the house and water the plants so that everything would be nice when I did return. What I returned to was utterly devastating. Talk about ashes to ashes dust to dust there was nothing left my car burnt down my 2 car garage and my 3 bedroom home that I have lived in for many many years. I have a two-year-old Australian shepherd that has the deepest sentimental value to me that entails a loss in my life that I will never be able to replace. She has been deeply affected by this fire and I am trying to get her some help. We shall move on we are strong and I am reaching out in whatever way I can.

Sincerely Marlene Gozzi