Talley & The Connemara Ranch Horses


I have lived and worked in Malibu for 40 years. I originally came her as a Pepperdine student and stayed after I graduated to start my business. Connemara Ranch I have offered trail rides in Zuma Canyon for 40 years and due to the fires the Santa Monica mountains is closed with no timeline for when it will be reopened. In addition my other source of income was equine therapy to Malibu rehab clients...most of them were burnt out in the fires. In one day I completely lost all my income and my business has been shut down. I have no way to feed my horses and take care of my life financially. I created a go fund me to help me get through this. I have asked for help from FEMA and other organizations only to be told I don't qualify for assistance through their programs. I have lived through many fires and have always been able to survive but this fire has burnt up everything for miles and there is nothing left but waiting for things to reopen. Please help if you can get me to spring and hopefully the parks will reopen.

Sincerely, Talley