The Boyer / Green Family


My husband Sam and I grew up in Malibu and our baby girl Summer Rain was born here. Malibu is our home.  We both have worked so hard to make our dreams come true here, dedicated ourselves to community service and struggled with all of our heart and souls to open our business here in Malibu- The 99 High Tide.  Our entire lives have been dedicated to helping and healing others and our entire life savings went to pass Measure G in Malibu, which will now allow seniors, the disabled and veterans to access safe and legal cannabis as well as delivery.  My mother’s life was saved with cannabis and my dream was and has always been to help others.  Two days after the passing of Measure G, The fires came and took everything we have ever owned, all of my mother’s mementoes ,our families heirlooms, and all my baby’s precious things and all of our life’s work.   We now find ourselves in a position where we need help and support from our community and we are humbled and grateful for what we do have which is our lives and our health and all of your love.  

As you all may know, on November 9th our home was burned to the ground with so many of our neighbor's homes. Our power had been out since early that morning and we had no TV, internet, phone or any way to know that the fire had jumped over to Malibu. By the grace of god we found an old land line, plugged it in and it rang right away. Our friend was shocked we were still in our house. She said the fire was all around us. We had about 10 minutes to grab our fur babies our 2 year old baby girl and escape with our lives. We are so grateful for our lives and those of our loved ones. Sadly all of our life's work, videos, projects, and four generations of family photos are gone forever. I was the family historian. I feel so much guilt and sadness and the thought that my own baby girl will never see photos of her great grandparents of of my own baby photos, breaks my heart. My dream and goal was to digitize all of our photos and albums and sadly it was on my to do list for 2019. We are beyond saddened by losing it all, but we are so hopeful and grateful for all of the love we have received. Unfortunately we were renting and had no renters insurance. Due to the fires our business in Malibu was closed for three weeks and is now slowly beginning to come back to life. According to FEMA, most small businesses shut down within a year after a disaster that has forced them to close for over a few weeks. We are concerned but we are blessed with love and hope. Thank you so much for all of your beautiful efforts during these sad and difficult times.

Love, Yvonne, Sam, Mama and Summer Rain