The Campa Family


My parents bought our home in 1983 on Birdview Ave, they are both now in their late 80s and 70s. My brother and I both have lived 100% of our lives in our now burned down home and it breaks our hearts that this happened. Both my parents grew up in low-income situations and worked very hard to live happy & peaceful lives at our Malibu home. My mom is a retired surgeon from Maui and my dad is a Navy veteran (Korean war) from East Los Angeles. To say it breaks our hearts that my once retired parents now have to work hard to rebuild their home is an understatement. They've already experienced medical situations due to the stress of the fire and we're worried for what stressful things might come along with the rebuild process. To have this happen to anyone is a tragedy, but for people like my parents who are elderly it is just plain awful. Us kids are helping as much as we can to alleviate any sort of stress so they can just grieve without having to deal with the logistical burden, but it's never easy. 

We're looking for any type of support to help rebuild our home. Insurance will not give even close to the amount we need to rebuild in a timely, cost effective, permit- allowing fashion that will get my parents back on there for their last phase of life. This is the ultimate heart break for us. 

We appreciate everything our community has and is doing to help those effected. We have so much love for all of you, especially who have helped and those who are in similar situations as ours. 

With so so so much love,
Nicole Camp and the rest of the Campa clan