The Krawczyk Family


We lost our sweet, humble, and cherished home, our beloved cats, Jon’s studio, my office, and two rental units with very special people who became family to us. This leaves our family, Shannon & Scot, and Lisa searching for new places to live and accepting that our lifestyle and livelihood burned with our ‘things’.

We adored our life here. Jon’s gardens, the chickens, the beehives and koi pond. Our animals. The art. Our daily routine that only an unconventional home like this provides. 💔

We work day by day to move through this while realizing that we are not the first nor last to lose homes to a disaster and we thank God for what is. 

Thank you for spreading some love and hope around our community. Thank you for knowing that while, we are lucky to have what remains, it still hurts and haunts daily. We are staying at a family member’s home in Thousand Oaks while we search for something we can live in for few years of re-building.

The best way to help us is firstly by helping those in dire need. Then, if you wish to help The Krawczyk family, donations of poppy seeds and trees would be amazing! Jon is dying to get dirty, start planting and make Latigo look like home!