Jerry Park

For me personally i was not able to make it back to my house the day the fires broke out on Thursday i was concerned the fire was already in my canyon i was camping at Pt Mugu when i saw the smoke hovering over the mountains along the beach. The wind was so strong it blew my tent over running after it down the beach i looked up and felt the heat and the smoke coming in fast. I packed up quickly abc headed to Trancas Market where i debated going home that night to pack any of my stuff. I texted my roommates to ask if they knew of the fire they were unaware of it.

As i sat and watched it from Trancas i felt it was coming in fast i was concerned it would jump and i would be trapped in my area, so i headed out to Carlsbad Thursday night. The following morning my roommates were forced to evacuate and by the time they drove on our private road to connect to the 23 decker coming from Foose the fire was already on our road 2 of them drove straight thru it to escape. Unfortunately they did not have enough time to pack up much for themselves and they were not able to get any of my stuff out. I took the risk to be safe rather then save any of my belongings. I ended up losing everything all my work and personal items, furniture, surfboards besides one that did survive thank god:) everything else you can think of is gone. So now i’m rebuilding slowly with the love and support of organizations like you guys and other loving souls in the community. So grateful we are all pulling together in this time.

Thank you for your time.