Pamela Robins

Imagine this - you wake up up one day and your home and business have been decimated by fire and you're not insured.  

This is a reality for Pamela Robins. 

The author of Mediating with Animals and owner of the House of Two Spirits, sadly lost her home and beloved tipi during the recent wildfires in California.  

You may have heard of this little piece of paradise in the Agoura Hills from a friend or on Instagram.  For those of you lucky enough to visit the Tipi, I'll guarantee that you'll have left Pamela's home feeling much better than you did when you arrived.  It was truly special and we have Pamela to thank for creating it.

A series of major life events led to the creation of this tipi. Starting with the death of her mother, a bout with cancer, paralyzed vocal chords and the loss of her marital home - they all combined to create a space in Pamela's life for the tipi to rise. 

When I suggested that we start a Go Fund Me page for Pamela she, true to form, replied "No, no - so many more people need help I can't possibly ask!" When I pointed out to her that most people didn't open their door to strangers every week for healing ceremonies she gracefully (and grudgingly) acquiesced.   She is learning to accept help - so let's give her some!!