The Halston Family


Our family lost our home and everything we owned in the Woolsey fire/California.  

We were forced to evacuate with one vehicle and the clothes on our backs.  To say this is devastating is an understatement.  My son 7 year old son Maverick and my 13 year old daughter Avalon are wrecked.  We literally have nothing left.  Every item we acquired over each of our lifetime burned.  The steps to rebuilding our lives will be challenging both mentally, physically and emotionally.   

We need to find a home, furniture, clothing, automobile, counseling and all other life sources to rebuild our home and life.

This loss is beyond imaginable being the renter and not the home owner the steps to rebuilding will be challenging to say the least. 

We made it out alive without physical injury and for that I am most thankful. 

To everyone who has offered prayers, thoughts and help in any form I thank you 
from humble and broken knees.  Your donations are greatly appreciated!