Michelle & Marcus

Michelle and Marcus have lost everything. Their rental house was destroyed along with all of their possessions when the Woosley fire roared through Malibu in the early hours of Friday morning. Evacuated and safe from harm they watched as their entire life turned to ash--  photos, memories, personal items and a life lived-- gone. 

Michelle is our sister-in-law. She's a single mother, raising her incredible 15 year old son Marcus, our nephew, on her own. She also owns a business in Malibu whose future is now uncertain. Michelle is one of the sweetest, kindest women we've ever known and never asks for help from anyone. Marcus is a gifted soccer player, great student and has an amazing future ahead of him.  We're so incredibly proud of him.

As renters, it's unknown how much, or if they'll get any help. We as a community can come together to help them.  They now have nothing, and need to start over from scratch.  Every little bit will make a difference in their life. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
The Jensen Family