The Cox Family

Our dear friend Stacie (Kleinman) Cox, her husband Paul, their sweet daughter Falyn, their newly rescued malamute, Gypsy, and fish Corral, have all lost their home and all of their possessions located in Corral Canyon in Malibu, as a result of the devastating Woolsey fire in Southern California on November 9th. When the fires began to spread, they were all able to evacuate. Falyn (like Paul) suffers from asthma, and was taken to New Mexico to be cared for by Stacie’s brother to continue to avoid the hazardous air quality in California. Stacie stayed with several different friends in California, while continuing her psychotherapy work with patients, until she was able to join the rest of her family in New Mexico. They are thrilled to be united but there is a long road ahead of them. We are hoping to help the Cox family get back on their feet and fill the gaps of resources and items that need to be replaced before they are able to rebuild their life again. Thank you so much for visiting our page and we appreciate any donation you are able to give.