The Hurd Family


We lived up on a small ranch on Latigo Canyon Road, for the past four years before the Woolsey fire. My husband and I are both self employed and during the start of the fire I was out of town. My husband was left on his own to try and evacuate the animals on the ranch, including our horse, dog, two cats, and our son Noah, 6yrs. Fortunately our animals survied, but the ranch’s 4 macaw parrots and emu perished. Our house was burned down to the ground. We were left with nothing but the clothes we wore the day it happened. The ranch owner had no proper insurance and unfortunately we did not carry renters policy either. My horse, Archie was lost in the fire for 5 days before we found him. As a horse trainer, I was out of town attending a horse show with client and had my trailer with hemce we were not able to get horses out. My husband and his parents as well as our son stayed behind, and my husband fought to save his parents house on Point Dume, with some neighbors. Luckily we have been able to stay in their guest room but not without cost. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Malibu Love