The Wolfe Family


My husband and I moved to Malibu knowing we would start our family there. We bought our first house on Old Chimney Road, off of Latigo Canyon in Malibu. We were blessed with boy girl twins. We have been in our house since 2011, the kids born in 2012. We had a beautiful little community up there with about 8 kids all the same ages (who also all lost their homes). They played every day. We are all now displaced. Its been one of the most devastating things in my life. We miss our house. We miss our community. We are all safe and healthy which is of course first and foremost - but to lose everything you ever had is also a huge loss. We plan to rebuild, assuming insurance all pans out. We love Malibu and don't see ourselves anywhere else at this point. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Malibu Love