The Hall Family


Hello my name is Lisa Hall. My husband Stuart and I have twin 13 year old girls named Kate and Sophia. I moved to Malibu in 2000 and Stuart has been living here since the very early 1990’s. We have lived through many fires here. We lived at the top of Corral canyon for 6 years prior to having our twins but then moved down to Point Dume. While living up Corral we lived through two fires. I work at my twin daughters school full time. Sadly we have always been renters. And since 2016 we have always had renters insurance. I have been with State Farm insurance for the entire time I’ve been married to Stuart (17 years) In 2016 they canceled us just like that. They said we made an inquiry... not a claim but and inquiry. So this slipped to the back of our minds that we no longer had renters insurance. I was going to add this back to my policy... and I never got to it.

On the evening of November 8th we saw the newscast of the fires way over the hill from us. My daughters had a bit of a bad feeling because they packed a bag and put it by the front door. The next morning my phone was going crazy with mandatory evacuation notices. School was canceled and I started to pack a little bag for myself. I was a little worried but not too worried because fire has never come down to point Dume EVER! By 9 AM I had the girls packed and we are on our way to evacuating down Pch. We left Stuart behind with the dogs. He stayed to assess the situation with all our neighbors. They all agreed that it would never cross pch because it never has. So at 2:45pm he left, With the dogs and nothing but the clothing on his back. 26 hours later the worst imaginable thing happened. Our home burned to the ground. With every possession with it. Things can be replaced. Heirlooms and artwork and treasures we’ve collected forever cannot. We have been to 10 places in two months.

As adults we can handle it somewhat. 13 year olds do not understand that their parents had no renters insurance and cannot just pop into a hotel or rental for free while insurance pays for the whole thing. I wake up every night at 2:00am wondering what I could have done different, how I could’ve changed the course... Start over. As everyone is getting back to their lives as normal we are now searching for ways to pay for a new house full of furniture and other living expenses. we moved into a temporary rental on January 2 and that’s where we are now. Thank you.

Malibu Love