The Ireland Family


On Friday, November 9th, 2018 we watched as the flames rose over the ridge behind our home in Nicholas Canyon. Despite calls to local fire resources, no help arrived in time to prevent complete and utter destruction of our home and family run, non-profit nature preserve in Western Malibu.

There was no time to grab anything except for our dogs, a few keepsakes and an overnight bag. The road to recovery has been personally and financially devastating. Above and beyond the loss of our home and belongings, we are also dealing with flooding and mudslides from the canyon and creek on our property.

This has resulted in ongoing costly emergency clean up and debris removal to hopefully salvage what is left of the property. This will be a harsh reality for several years as the land heals from the traumatic wildfire. 80% of the structures on the property burned and eliminated all income stream to sustain the property and non-profit.

We are one of the few remaining “old Malibu” properties and the old structures were not covered by fire insurance. We want more than anything to save what is left of our home and continue preservation of this special seaside sanctuary in the mountains. Any help is deeply appreciated.

Malibu Love