The Taylor Family


Scot & I just got married on September 8th at Malibu United Methodist Church. We were renting our house on Latigo Canyon for the last four years. I tried so many times to get renters insurance but was always told by every insurance company that they did not write renters insurance policies for our zip code. We lost absoIutely everything!

I am an Interior Designer and my office was also on the property. I also lost everything in my office. My husband is a builder who does Historical restorations throughout the state of California. All of his jobs are on hold because of the fires. He also lost all his tools.

We are now living in our trailer in our church parking lot. We are hoping to get back up to the property where we lived as soon as we can. We will probably be living in the trailer on the property until new houses are built. We can't afford the high rentals in the area and without insurance the trailer is our only option right now.

Times have been very hard for us. I left with only three days of clothes. Each day it's just one foot in front of the other. Every little bit of help has been very much appreciated.

We both feel very blessed everyday to be alive and thank God that we have our trailer.

Malibu Love