The Ledoux & Conley Family


We are a family of five.My husband, myself,my friend Mirelia and her two sons.Mirelia worked for 20 years with me in my home daycare Wonder Years.I'm Miss Kimmy and she is Miss Relly.Her husband died tragically when the boys were 3 and 5 so they moved in with us.I rented an old house on Point Dume for 20 years to run the daycare.I retired 3 years ago and we moved up to Foose Road into a lovely rental on another teacher's property.Affordable,able to have our goat and sheep,dogs and cat.We lost everything in the fire but are blessed that everyone got out safely! When I moved to Malibu in 1978 I had to make a decision: be a renter in Malibu or a homeowner elsewhere. I love Malibu so much that I became a forever renter!Preschool teachers are rich in love but not money.
My husband is on disability,Mirelia is a preschool teacher at Children's Creative Workshop and I dogsit and am a substitute Paraeducator 1 at local schools.We would love to stay in Malibu.The boys are 11 and 13 and love their schools, friends and sport programs here. We would love find a funky old place in the $3000.00 a month price range. Pretty impossible to find but we are hopeful.We do all repairs and yard maintenance and have excellent references.

Malibu Love