Mashanda Kirk


I’m a single mother. My 15 year old son attends Malibu high and Santa Monica college. 

I’m an Uber/and Private driver that lives in Malibu. I’ve been on Malibu Rd since we moved here from Texas 3 years and 3 months ago. Our residence was not destroyed. 

Since the fire I’ve lost most of my income because most of it came from kind neighbors that used my service. I had to max out my cards and savings and got an emergency loan during and after the fire. Financial assistance is always great. More than anything I would love to get some work referrals so I’m able to regain a decent income. I have a Black Tesla SUV with white seats.


$85/hr to returning clients 

Lax $150

I also offer a service for day surgery clients @ $100/hr.  I take clients to the surgery center, help them check in, fill prescriptions while in surgery, get client tucked in safe and sound at home. 

To contact Mashanda about the services she offers, please call her at: 972.800.9631

Malibu Love