The Denson Family


We were renting from my mother in law Colleen Denson. The home had been in the family for 5 generations.
After her son and husband passed away she asked us to live with her. We had been renting for a little over a year. After moving in with our second son who was a month old we found out that the downstairs basement where we were living had a severe mold issue. Colleen not having a lot of money offered to pay for the materials to renovate while my husband Jaron Denson and Me ( Corinne Denson his wife) do all the work ourselves. 4 months of non stop exhaustion to finish the project to make a safe and toxic free living space for our family. We spent one night in our new place and the next day it burned. We did not have renters insurance. Colleen Denson did for herself and her home. Me and my husband ended up using all our savings to buy a 5th wheel trailer to put on some property. We are now broke, I am still not working and we still have to buy two storage container boxes, one for an office for my husband who’s garage used to be his office and one for our personal use and to put a washer and dryer.

If there is any financial help we would be so grateful!

Malibu Love