The Downing Family


My family, Mike, Sabrina ,Mariah , Cheyne and Danica, have lived in Malibu in our house for 16 years! My husband is a Retired Firefighter Engineer! He worked hard to keep the family in Malibu.My families love of surfing and living near the beach was a dream come true! Four years ago my husband was out surfing enjoying his daily routine ! He had a hard time catching his breath and ended up going to the hospital and had emergency heart surgery! After waking up out of surgery, we got horrific news! He had 2 strokes which cased his life time disability! He suffered loss of eye site, left side deficit, learning to walk, swallow, talk with extensive therapy! After working with the Fire Department for 29 years, he sadly had to retire! We were not sure at that time if we were going to be able to stay in Malibu! Four years later on November 9th, we got a call to evacuate. My husband stayed to fight the fire to save our house and the others on our street! He stayed as long as he could before being overcome by smoke! The sky went dark and he could not breathe! He left his house for his own safety! Getting a horrible call a few hours later to find out that our house was gone! We got our life, animals and well being! We want to rebuild and stay here in the city that we love!

Malibu Love