Denise & David Pepper


My husband David and I lost our beautiful home, in November 2018, in the Woolsey Fire. Our entire house burned down, to ashes and rubble. We lost everything that was in it for the past 38 years, my father's things given to me, All my jewelry, from my husband, my mother, father, aunts, and grandmother. My husband David lost all his father's wood carvings, antique clocks, heirlooms and everything David had since he was a boy. David is very sentimental, and everything was precious to him. When he graduated Cal Tech, he came to Malibu and bought the house. He worked at HRL LABS in Malibu for 31 years, as a Laser Physicist. He was an Adjunct Professor at Pepperdine, Dr. David Pepper. When our house was destroyed. It took a big toll on David.
We were underinsured by half or more, and did not have coverage to stay at a hotel, an inexpensive pet friendly hotel, La Quinta. We stayed 2 months and we had to pay $4,000.
We didn't have "Loss of Use", or debris removal...its been a very difficult road for us. We can't afford to rebuild, and David said I can never see that beauty again. We finally found an apartment, and thank Gd we got out of our house with our 2 tiny dogs and the clothes on our back.

Malibu Love