This has been such a difficult time for our Malibu community, but the silver lining has been seeing everyone come together. We’re all here for each other, and know many families will need new clothes, household items, etc. So we’re starting an ‘adopt-a-family’ program, submit your own family or another family in need.

Interested in adopting a family? Click HERE to sign up for more info.


Fill out the info below to register your family or another family in need. We’ll be in contact with more info and next steps.

** Please email with the photos of your property/family that you would like posted on our site **

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Unfortunately during times of great loss there are people who prey on the vulnerabilities of those who have lost most. We will require "proof of loss" in order to post on the site. (This is not intended to pour salt on the wound only to protect against opportunists)

** All giving takes place between the family in need with the family wanting to give. is a resource site only and DOES NOT participate in any handling of monies exchanged or donations of any type.